Sex, Lies And Online Dating
By Ruth Chesick
May 5, 2006 - 3:39:00 PM

SEX, LIES, AND ONLINE DATING is an amusing, delightful and off-beat story.

Lucy Rothschild is an author of murder mysteries. She pretends to be a nurse when she joins an online dating service site to research her next murder mystery. Some of her dates from the online service are bigdaddy182, klondike mike luvstick and hardluvnman.

Quinn McIntyre, aka hardluvnman, pretends to be a plumber to meet Lucy. He is actually a cop investigating the real life murders of men using the online dating site. He believes Lucy is actually Breathless, the murderess killing these men.

Lucy and Quinn are attracted to each other but they distrust each other.

Lucy realizes Quinn is not a plumber and Quinn realizes Lucy is not a nurse from snippets of their conversations where they inadvertently make mistakes.

This is the first book by Rachel Gibson that I have read but it definitely won't be the last. I laughed until I had a bellyache. I liked this book because of the insight into the perils of online dating and the way the author kept me laughing as I mentally pictured some of the zany situations her characters became embroiled in.

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