Sex, Lies and Mistletoe
By Dottie
Nov 12, 2011 - 2:07:54 PM

Tobias Black has made some mistakes in his life, but he is determined to get his children to return home since it was his fault they left. A known con man who has never served time, he went straight five years ago by opening a bike shop. With his current plans, he will either get his three grown children to return to Black Oaks, or he will wind up in prison.

Caleb Black is the oldest of the Black children, who lost their mother when they were still young. Their con-man father, Tobias, raised them on his own, so Caleb and his siblings had been indoctrinated into the criminal life. But after a blow-up with his father eight years ago, Caleb left home, becoming a DEA officer and believing he could make a difference. After years spent undercover, facing danger, he has become disillusioned. So he turned in his resignation, which his boss refused to accept. Instead, his boss told him to take an extended vacation, which is just what he was trying to do. That is, until his college roommate, Hunter, an FBI agent, asked him for a favor. A new drug has been introduced, and Caleb’s hometown of Black Oak seems to be the supply center. To make matters worse, the main suspect as the ringleader of the drug ring is Tobias Black. Caleb knows that his father has gone straight and even when he was a con-man, he never dealt in drugs. Now he has to return to Black Oaks and prove his father’s innocence.

The Easton women were known for being gifted. Pandora’s great-great-grandmother had opened Moonspun Dreams, a New Age store, utilizing her gifts. The store had passed down to her great-grandmother and then to her mother, Casseopia, whose gift was psychic intuition, had made a name for herself by doing readings. Pandora knew she could never live up to her mother’s reputation and felt that the gifted gene had bypassed her. So as soon as she graduated high school, she left town. Two months ago, she had felt that her life was great. She was an up-and-coming pastry chef for a well-known bakery and had a gorgeous boyfriend, a pharmacist who was the bakery owner’s son. But when her boyfriend had been busted for an internet prescription scam and implicated her, Pandora’s world had fallen apart. Although she had been cleared, her boss fired her. So she returned home to Black Oaks.

With the family business losing money, her mother had turned it over to her, while she fulfilled her other obligations. While trying to figure out how to save the shop, Pandora came across her great-grandmother’s book of spells, which included aphrodisiac recipes. Adding tables and chairs to the storeroom and turning it into the Moonspun Café, Pandora made the store into a hit. The café only serves lunch, and the menu is based on aphrodisiac foods.

Since Moonspun Dreams shares the alley with Tobias’ motorcycle shop, Caleb figures he can scope out things by hanging in the New Age shop. But the moment he lays eyes on Pandora, he becomes fascinated with her. He is more than ready to let Pandora show him what aphrodisiac food can do. But when it begins to look as if she is involved with the drugs, it is left up to him to prove that the woman he is beginning to have feelings for is innocent. Can he prove her innocence, or is she selling something more potent than aphrodisiacs out of her shop?

A fast-paced read, SEX, LIES AND MISTLETOE, the first book in talented author Tawny Weber’s new UNDERCOVER OPERATIVES series, is a sizzling hot contemporary romance, which I read in one sitting. With a hunky hero, a vulnerable heroine, witty banter, an intriguing plot and love scenes so hot you can almost see the steam rising from the pages, this is a story that will have readers rapidly turning pages to see what happens next. Adding aphrodisiacs, drugs and psychics takes this story over the top, making it a definite keeper. Now I am eagerly awaiting Ms. Weber’s next story in this series; SEX, LIES AND MIDNIGHT, which is due out next month. Be sure to get your own copy of SEX, LIES AND MISTLETOE! It is absolutely a ‘must read’!

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