Sex, Straight Up
By Dottie
Apr 1, 2008 - 5:57:23 PM

Daniel O’Sullivan, an accountant and part owner of the bar known as Prime, lost his wife seven years ago when she was killed in the twin towers.  To him, love should be forever so he has been unable to date anyone feeling he would be cheating on his wife.  Now Daniel is starting to forget what she looked like and it scares him.  Gabe and Sean, his brothers, have been trying to get him back into society and dating again.

Catherine Montefiore works at her grandfather’s auction house with her grandfather and mother, her only living relatives. Although she has a degree in art, she feels like she is a disappointment to her family since she does not possess her mother’s style or her grandfather’s showmanship.  Insecure in her artistic skills, Catherine secretly draws the male form.  With two disastrous past relationships, she sticks to drawing men during the day and dreaming about them at night.  Whenever she can, she escapes to her grandfather’s beach house in the Hamptons.  


Daniel, manipulated by his brothers, is reluctantly filling-in for Sean at a summer share in the Hamptons with a group of lawyers.  When Catherine spots his gorgeous form sitting alone on her beach, she cannot resist drawing him.  When they meet, the attraction between them is instantaneous.  As they prepare to return home - after spending the weekend together - Catherine spots Daniel’s wedding band.  When he does not explain about his deceased wife, they part on bad terms.  Upon returning to work, Daniel is sent to audit an auction house where financial misconduct is suspected.  Coincidentally, it is the place where Catherine works. The suspect?  Her beloved grandfather.  Will Catherine and Daniel be able to get beyond their personal feelings and work together to solve the scandal at the auction house?  Is her grandfather guilty?


SEX, STRAIGHT UP, the second book in the Those Sexy O’Sullivans trilogy, is an entertaining read.  This heartwarming, witty romance is filled with interesting, well-drawn characters and a touching, intrigue-filled plot.  Readers will find themselves caught up in this steamy story of a man who finds love again after a major loss in his life.  I highly recommend SEX STRAIGHT UP.  Readers who like this story will also enjoy the first book in this series, SHAKEN AND STIRRED.

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