Sex With Lex
By Lacey
Oct 8, 2007 - 11:08:51 AM

Lex Whitefeather hired his son’s best friend and college roommate, Nick Barker, to work on his ranch for the summer. He wanted to be nice and help the kid out since Nick had no family to go home to. But the man stepping off the plane is no kid, and after many years of suppressing his needs, Lex’s sexual desires rise with the first sight of Nick.

When Nick came to the ranch, he was looking forward to the learning experience it offered. While studying to be a veterinarian, Nick assumed following Lex, as he went about his chores, would be all the hands-on experience he needed.  But what started out as a working relationship turns intimate, and Nick finds himself falling for the hot rancher.


Lex wants to keep his sexuality a secret from his son and the rest of the world, which puts a damper on his relationship with Nick. Together, they find happiness, but apart is the “right” way. Will these two men put aside what others may think and live out their true desires?


SEX WITH LEX is a captivating tale about two men and the trials and tribulations of falling in love secretly with one another. And with Ms. Lynne style, she never fails to deliver a steamy tale. Overall, the story is high in sexual tension with many plot surprises that kept me intrigued. SEX WITH LEX is a great read that is easy to recommend.

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