The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, book 3 - Sex and the Single Firemen

Author: Jennifer Bernard

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: January 29, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0


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For the past thirteen years, Sabina, a San Gabriel firefighter, has not heard from her mother, and her father had walked out on them when Sabina was still young. She had trained hard to be a firefighter at the popular fire station and endured the teasing of the male firefighters. But now they are like her brothers. However, there is one thing they do not know about her. She usedto be a popular child star on television alongside her mother. Sabina had hated acting and at the age of sixteen had won her emancipation from her mother. Taking one last brief acting job, she earned enough money to train as a firefighter. Since then, she has managed to keep her past a closely guarded secret, even going so far as to keep her hair dyed brown, instead of her normal fiery color. With Thanksgiving upon her once more, she was left on her own without a family. So she was traveling to Reno to celebrate on her own, but along the way she ended up in an altercation with a gorgeous man and both ended up with traffic tickets. Later that evening, she ran into him again and narrowly escaped spending a passionate night with him. Fortunately, she would not have to see the man again…or at least that was what she thought.

Roman is the new chief training officer at the San Gabriel Fire Station. Known for being hardnosed, he was hired to put a stop to all of the media hype centered on the so-called curse on the station. He lost his wife years ago in the towers on 9/11. Like him, she was a firefighter. Since her death Roman has been raising their son Luke on his own. Deciding they needed a change of venue, he and his son left New York, where Roman’s Italian family also lived, and are moving to California. After all, they have a baseball program year-long that would interest Luke, who is staying with his grandparents for Christmas.

On his first day at San Gabriel, Roman is shocked to discover that Sabina, the woman he nearly slept with, is a firefighter at his new station. Roman has his hands full with the supposed curse at the station. With a station full of hunky bachelor firemen, many believe the curse involving their love lives is true and one reporter, in particular, seems to dog their footsteps. When Sabina’s uncle Max comes out of the woodwork, trying to get her to do a reunion show with her mother, all of Sabina’s secrets are exposed. Suddenly, the station is getting more publicity than it can stand. As Roman stands between his boss and protecting Sabina, the heated chemistry between them is starting its own blaze. He had never planned to fall in love with her. But things seem to constantly go wrong between them. Could the supposed fire station curse be at work once more?

Deliciously sexy, SEX AND THE SINGLE FIREMAN, the third book in award winning author Jennifer Bernard’s BACHELOR FIREMEN OF SAN GABRIEL series, is a fun, sensual contemporary romance that readers will find impossible to put down. It kept me up late into the night, eagerly turning the pages to see what would happen next, but the lack of sleep was well worth it. Roman and Sabina seem to be made for each other and I could not help rooting for them. Filled with humor, clever banter, deathly danger, second chances, engaging characters, family dynamics, the Big Sisters organization, an intriguing plot, romance and true love, this book is one you will want to read more than once. A definite keeper! Although it is part of a series, it can easily be read as a standalone. However, for further insight into the series and additional enjoyment, I advise also reading the rest of this exciting series, including THE FIREMAN WHO LOVED ME, HOT FOR FIREMAN and the novella ONE HOT FIREMAN. From her first book, I quickly became a fan of Ms. Bernard’s work and now just seeing her name on a book makes it a must read for me. So do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of SEX AND THE SINGLE FIREMAN. I highly recommend it!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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