Sex on Holiday: Magic Fingers
By Tracy Marsac
Aug 8, 2005 - 6:39:00 PM

Alison operates her own travel agency and decides it's high time to take advantage of the resorts' free vouchers for a little R & R.  The best part of her vacation isn't the ocean sunsets or the beautiful beaches but James, the masseuse.  It's equal parts pleasure and pain to be at the mercy of his masculine hands, especially since it can't go any further.  Alison's not the type for a one night stand, but the thought of even a single evening with him is enough to make her change her mind.  Too bad she's just another client to him and when she leaves tomorrow, her souvenirs will be unfulfilled fantasies of what might have been.

Many women have passed through his hands but none have haunted James like Alison.  Only the thought of losing his job has kept him from making his touch more personal.  When he finds out she's flying back home the next day, James takes a chance and sneaks into her room, hoping to give her his own brand of island paradise.

James' MAGIC FINGERS brought to life all Alison's day dreams and exceeded her expectations but left her wanting more.  However, with responsibilities waiting for her and a business to run, Alison must say goodbye.  But maybe paradise can be found next door-Sylvia Day's contribution to WICKED WORDS: SEX ON HOLIDAY anthology is undeniably sexy and will have you planning a vacation of your own!

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