Sex on the Beach
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 12, 2010 - 2:00:53 PM

Danny Trent and Bella Moncrieff’s exotic wedding on the beach of Belize is anything but a simple trip down the aisle.  SEX ON THE BEACH invites readers into the unexpected romances of several of the wedding guests – along with a little helpful advice from an elderly couple celebrating their sixtieth anniversary.

In WAR OF THE SEXES, the groom’s best friend, Free Lafontaine, vows to do whatever he has to in order to save Danny from slipping that marriage noose over his head.  Wedding planner Sarah McCann wholeheartedly believes in love and is convinced that Danny and Bella are the real deal.  The last thing she needs is to become involved with someone who has such a negative view on marriage and love but there’s no denying the atmosphere, physical attraction and a little Sex on the Beach can be very seductive.  That doesn’t change the fact that they’re battling it out over whether or not this wedding will occur – and they’re both determined to win.


In SEX WITH THE PROPER STRANGER, up and coming model Tamiko Sato accompanies the bride’s uncle Zane to Belize for the wedding.  She’s posing as his date for the event but in reality they’re just very good friends.  Tamiko has no interest in forming a romantic relationship with any man.  Her own experience has left her ‘damaged,’ but there’s something very tempting about resort owner Rick Nuñez and with a little unexpected help from Zane, she just may get the opportunity to find out just how satisfying sex with a caring and loving man can be.  If only she could remain in Belize indefinitely….


In SEXY EXES, in spite of the wedding planner’s best efforts to keep Bella’s divorced parents, Giovanna and James, separated they keep running into each other.  Giovanna’s all glitz and glamour while James is the very epitome of a stuffy British professor.  That doesn’t stop the sparks from flying whenever they’re within sight of each other.  The ink may be dry on the divorce papers but the passion between Giovanna and James is far from over.  Is it possible they can come to grips with their differences and the mistakes they made to find true love again?


When you think of SEX ON THE BEACH you tend to think of sand in all those undesirable crevices, but thanks to Susan Lyons’ newest release sand is the last thing on your mind.  Instead, think - secret rendezvous’, sexy exotic drinks, adventure and of course, plenty of scorching sex.  While the premise behind this anthology is a tropical wedding, it’s the wedding guests’ antics and hook-ups that draw the readers’ interest and keep you eagerly turning pages to find out all the nitty gritty details.  I loved how easily each story transitions into the next one and how the author allows the readers to get a new perspective on the characters and their situations.  The Everleighs advice on how they’ve maintained such a happy marriage for sixty years is insightful, amusing, and proved to be a huge help in each of these stories.  Susan Lyons’ exceeded my expectations with SEX ON THE BEACH and I must say I eagerly anticipate her next release.


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