Sex on the Slopes

Author: Susan Lyons

Publisher: Berkley Heat

Release Date: December 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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A destination wedding set in Whistler, British Columbia sets the stage for unexpected romances for several members of the wedding party.  


Nowhere in wedding planner Andi Radcliffe’s meticulous plans has she made concessions for a fire at the Alpine Hideaway where the wedding guests are staying.  If she had she certainly wouldn’t be racing about in a miniscule sheer nightie checking to make sure everyone made it out safely.


Firefighter Jared Stone can’t help but admire the wedding planner – especially in her risqué attire.  It’s the first time in the three years since his wife’s death that he’s felt a fusion of interest in a woman. 

There’s an undeniable sexual tension between them but Andi’s busy seeing to the wedding plans and feels it’s inappropriate to seek her own interests right now.  Yet Andi can’t seem to stop herself from seeing him at every available opportunity.  The trouble is, Andi wants to be the most important woman in a man’s life and not have to live in the shadow of Jared’s deceased wife and the love they once shared.




Brianna George, creator and star of The Scoop, a Canadian based television show that’s poised to enter U.S. syndication, doesn’t have a good time – ever.  She’s always seeking out the next story and focusing on the next step in her life plan.  That is until she encounters a certain ski instructor and realizes a little play time might provide exactly the sort of inspiration she desperately needs.


Ski instructor Zack Michaels is an Aussie who now resides in B.C.  His love for people and skiing is evident in the way he always makes time to personally see that everyone enjoys themselves safely.  Zack is good looking and often hit on by a variety of women but something about Brianna stands out and he seems to take great delight in keeping her off balance.


Brianna’s not only career oriented, she’s a perfectionist not about to do anything that would make her look foolish in public. Zack, on the other hand, is all about enjoying all the pleasures life has to offer – skiing, good food, friends, sex and whatever brings him happiness.  It seems like Brianna and Zack are polar opposites but there are definitely sparks when they come together. 




Undercover cop Logan Carver is using his childhood friendship with the groom, Tom, as his reason for being in Whistler.  In actuality he’s schmoozing with a man he believes to be a kingpin in an international drug ring.  The most difficult part of this case is maintaining his image as an industrial size jerk to everyone attending the wedding including the groom and his little sister Maddie.  Even ten years ago he was drawn to Maddie but now she’d be almost impossible to resist – but he’s a bad boy and Maddie is definitely a ‘good girl.’


Maddie Daniels fell in love with Logan when they were just kids and her feelings haven’t changed much in the ten years since she last saw him.  Logan had been a bad boy way back when but she’s always seen the good in him despite his image.  Maddie’s excited that Logan will be at the wedding because she has plans to see if reality could possibly be as good as her fantasies.  Logan may view her as a good girl who shouldn’t be tainted by a man like him but Maddie has a surprise for him – she’s not nearly as ‘good’ as he envisions her.


While Logan does his best to distance himself from anyone in the wedding party, Maddie takes the opportunity to seduce him.  Deep down inside she might want a family and white picket fence but more than anything she wants to experience sex with Logan and if she has to seduce him to her way of thinking then so be it.  The trouble is nothing they do together is just about sex, feelings and emotions are involved but will Logan be able to maintain his professional detachment while he discovers the pleasures of loving Maddie?



SEX ON THE SLOPES is a brilliant follow up to Susan Lyons’ first Berkley Heat title, SEX ON THE BEACH.  Each story in this anthology is connected by a theme, yet can be read and enjoyed independently as well.  The characters are personable with issues that cause conflicts in their relationships.  Even the bride and groom who are set to marry have problems that they need to work on.  The stories are fast paced, fun, sexy and definitely make playing in the snow seem hotter than I would have thought possible.  SEX ON THE SLOPES is a warm hearted anthology set in a wintery backdrop.  If you feel a chill feel free to prepare one of the recipes for the SEX ON THE SLOPES signature drinks and sit back and enjoy. 


I’ll certainly be looking forward to Ms. Lyons’ next release HEAT WAVES. It’s due to be released in July 2011.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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