By Lacey
Apr 1, 2009 - 8:48:20 AM

Teresa Knight, a part-time investigator, receives a call from MI6 requesting her help. Unsure of the authenticity of the call, the answer is apparent when she’s accused of killing the producer she’s investigating.  Taken on by the porn industry, she goes undercover into a world of eroticism only to find out; in the process of running for her life, she must find the real killer.

From Paris to Brazil, she soon finds herself tangoing with bad-boys, crime lords and terrorists when an underground sex-slave operation is headquartered in Rio. Unable to trust anyone, the tangled web of deception and sex is woven even tighter when she meets a very sexy Graham in Brazil, and he soon proves to be her savior in more than one ways.  It’s a rollercoaster of adventure and sex, where Teresa must find the true killer before he finds her.


SEXILE is an erotic thriller that is sure to brand itself on your mind long after you finish the last page. The suspense is riveting and I enjoyed the first person point of view.  I also enjoyed guessing the whodunit and was surprised when the answer came about.  SEXILE is a good story for a rainy night.

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