Sexplorations - Legal Briefs

Author: Sahara Kelly

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: January 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Fenella ‘Fenny’ Whitfield is finally a free woman – or she will be as soon as she signs the divorce paperwork.  It’s been a two year long ordeal since she initially filed and she’s definitely ready to move on – she just isn’t real sure how to proceed romantically.  Fortunately her friends have no qualms with advising her – and they couldn’t be more right!  

Michael Shannon, Fenny’s divorce attorney, has had his eye on Fenny ever since she stepped into the law office two years ago looking for a lawyer to file her divorce.  He stunned his partners by sweeping her into his office on the spot and agreeing to represent her.  He’s been biding his time and studying the various aspects of her personality – especially what lurks beneath the self composed woman she presents to the world.


Fenny has no doubt that Michael is a first class hottie but she doesn’t believe that he’d actually be interested in someone like her.  After all, vital parts of her anatomy are heading south and that’s decidedly very unsexy, right?  However, that doesn’t mean he can’t have top billing in all her sexual fantasies! 


Sitting in his office signing the paperwork to officially register the divorce at the courthouse gives her a tingly feeling but nothing like when she’s about ready to leave and he touches her – for just a minute longer than necessary.  Fenny’s proudly told him about her new condo on the waterfront so he volunteers to drop by with the final paperwork on Sunday. 


Fenny spends the rest of the week wondering if there’s any possibility that he has an ulterior motive for visiting her at her home.  Her friend Dee insists that she needs to get laid and she may just be right.  Dee has no qualms about encouraging Fenny’s attraction to Michael – after all she’s declared him to be utterly ‘lickable.’  Besides as an erotic author she should be researching her subject matter.  She doesn’t know it yet but Michael’s been doing his research and knows about her naughty novels and he sees not only the woman behind the words, but her needs and desires as well.


Sahara Kelly has surpassed my every expectation with this gem of a story!  LEGAL BRIEFS encompasses every aspect I’ve come to appreciate in any book I pick up – humor, loveable characters, a fast moving plot, and plenty of scorching sex.  Fenny is absolutely adorable and a character many women can easily associate with – she’s newly divorced and not entirely comfortable with the effects time has taken on her body.  I have to agree with Dee’s assessment, Michael is definitely lickable!  He’s the sort of man who can take a woman who views sex as ho hum or a chore and change her mind - he makes sex fun.  On top of that he’s a genuinely nice guy who cares a great deal for Fenny – if it’s not love already than it soon will be.


LEGAL BRIEFS is the first book in the SEXPLORATIONS series.  Sahara Kelly and Ciana Stone have teamed up to bring us a series of stories all revolving around a group of author friends, their antics, and the men who aid them in their sexplorations.  For more information about this series, the characters, or the storylines please visit the authors’ websites or the website below which is dedicated to this series.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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