Sexpresso Night
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 11, 2013 - 3:07:59 AM

Danya might have sworn off D/s interactions following a disastrous relationship but her strictly vanilla boyfriend isn’t tripping her trigger either.  Strictly missionary, all sexual activity restricted to the bedroom and any bondage or games are strictly taboo with her boyfriend Chris.  He’s nice enough and everything but Danya needs more.  She longs to submit to a powerful man and craves the freedom she’s only found in the D/s lifestyle. Something about the coffee barista Carter and his flirtatious teasing tempts her to give up her unhappy and predictable relationship and seek something more exciting.

Karma Coffee owner and barista Carter Jarvis eagerly anticipates Danya’s Sunday afternoon visits for her skinny vanilla latte.  He’s well aware that she has a boyfriend, but he’s also overheard her conversations with her friends and knows she’s not happy with him anymore.  He’s not one to poach another man’s woman so he’s willing to settle for being her friend – for now. 


Carter invites Danya to Sexpresso Night, an adults-only event the coffee shop holds every Saturday evening.  Danya doesn’t know how a coffee shop could possibly pull off an adults-only event – until she actually shows up and sees the risqué outfits and learns the names of the drinks – and realizes this could be a lot of fun.  Instead of being upset after breaking up with Chris, Danya feels a sense of relief and almost immediately begins thinking of Carter.  She soon discovers that Carter is a dominant man, but nothing like the sadistic bastard she’d known before. Can she trust her instincts and the man who’s finally set her passions free?


I’m not a coffee drinker, nor have I ever viewed it as a sensual experience but Kelly Jamieson might have changed my mind on that point.  SEXPRESSO NIGHT is a fast paced romance with interesting characters, caffeine fueled foreplay, scorching sexual interactions and plenty of ‘ah-ha’ moments as Danya faces her fears and puts her trust in Carter.  Ms. Jamieson uses descriptive writing to pull the reader into the storyline and keep you firmly entrenched until the very end.  I was actually surprised at how sensual the cupping (like a wine tasting, but with coffee) scene turned out to be. I admit I actually felt bad for Chris because he’s so clueless about Danya’s needs and refuses to try anything that might be construed as kinky.  Fortunately Carter doesn’t have that problem and seems to instinctively know what to do to excite her.  There was no chemistry between Chris and Danya and that was evident right from the beginning, but Carter… well, that’s a whole different story.  The thing that makes SEXPRESSO NIGHT truly a wonderful read is Danya herself.  She’s been abused in a BDSM relationship once yet is brave enough to admit to herself that maybe vanilla is best as flavoring in her coffee.


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