Sexy Silent Nights
By Dottie
Nov 9, 2011 - 9:13:20 PM

Security specialist Priscilla ‘Cilla’ Michaels manages the San Francisco office of G.W. Securities. She started out as a police officer in San Francisco but left there to make a start on her five-year plan, the amount of time she is giving herself to own her own security firm. After leaving the police department, she went to work as a bodyguard, until someone thought that position included personal benefits. She set them straight and left them that job to work for Gabe, who is her present boss. Cilla enjoys her work and lives alone except for the cat that made his way into her apartment and refused to leave. She has a problem with commitment after watching her mother get married several times.

Jonah Stone owns several nightclubs and is preparing to open two more. He grew up in a foster home and was considered a troublemaker, until a priest took him under his wing and turned him around. His father left him and his mother when Jonah was young and six months later, his mother took her life, unable to go on without the love of her life. After seeing the repercussions of this relationship, he wants no part of it. So he never gets serious about anyone. He has a few good friends, mainly ones he befriended as a child like Gabe, who is Cilla’s boss. But along the way to becoming a success, Jonah has also made enemies, and one has targeted him.

At Gabe’s party, Jonah and Cilla’s eyes locked onto each other, and each had had a strong attraction to the other. To keep from doing something she would later regret, Cilla left the party and headed to the airport to make her way back to San Francisco. Seeing her leave, Jonah followed her. He watched as she discovered that her flight had been cancelled due to bad weather and then followed her to the airport hotel. He went on into the lobby of the hotel, and when she set down at a table, he went to her and propositioned her. Looking into his eyes close up, Cilla had been unable to turn him down. So they agreed to a one night stand. Early the next morning, she left and caught her flight. But for the next month, she had been unable to sleep in her own bed. She began to believe it was cursed since every time she tried to go to sleep there, she relived that exciting night with Jonah. He was having the same problem as Cilla, and he knew she could be the ‘one.’  But since he had no intention of getting involved with anyone, he refused to contact her, even when he could have used her services as a bodyguard.

Jonah started receiving threatening notes daily…notes that started six days before Christmas and counted down. When he went to see his best friend, Gabe, in Denver, he also received a note there. So he knew someone was keeping track of his movements. Concerned, Gabe` called Cilla and had her meet Jonah as he arrived at the airport in San Francisco. Jonah did not want a bodyguard, but he finally agreed to have Cilla in that position. But she made it clear that as her client, there would be nothing personal between them. Now if she can only get herself to stick to that stipulation, because every time she looks into his eyes, all she can think of is Jonah, even to the point of forgetting the danger.

A sizzling hot read, SEXY SILENT NIGHTS, the latest novel by gifted author Cara Summers, is a fast-paced, action-packed contemporary romance that I could not put down until I reached the very satisfying ending. Jonah and Cilla are well matched, and the scenes with the two of them are blistering hot. I rooted for the two all through the book. Filled with intrigue, a psychotic killer, sizzling love scenes, clever repartee, complex and compelling characters and an exciting plot, this book is definitely one you will want to read more than once. I cannot wait to read more of Ms. Summers’ works. Do not miss SEXY SILENT NIGHTS!

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