Author: Dakota Cassidy

Publisher: Triskelion

Release Date: January 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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***image2Callie Winston is a columnist for a California magazine that is filled with younger people just waiting to snag her job. As a divorced woman, the regular routes of dating are unappealing and she's curious about online-dating. Of course, if her research would make a good article then that would be perfect. She never anticipated the slew of emails she'd receive or her fascination with one of the email hopefuls.

Brian Benson works as a sniper for the U.S. military. He and his buddy Jeff signed up for Heavenly Hookups while they were on leave. He's had one bad experience with a woman he met through the dating site, but something about Callie's profile and picture calls out to him. He's back in the United States recuperating from a wound he sustained while he decides if he really wants to reenlist.

Callie?s divorce was a nasty, long drawn out event. Her ex-husband even fought her for custody of their dog, and they now share joint custody. Getting back into the dating scene would be a major ordeal, but Callie knows that online dating is the hippest new fad and she believes it would make an interesting article. Callie places her ad and gets bombarded with email from hopeful candidates all over the world even though she specifically stated, she is interested in California area only. One of the emails she received sparks her interest, maybe because he didn't focus on her lips and have a lot of sexual innuendos. Brian_SOF lives in Arizona but Callie chooses to write him back and they quickly begin a friendship and romance that even the distance of a couple of states can?t damper. Callie still has fears of being hurt after the bitter divorce, will she be able to allow Brian into her heart? Callie understands why Brian chose his career but the risks he takes scare her. Some risks are worth taking though, and this relationship may be one of the biggest risks either Callie or Brian will ever face.

Finding love at all is hard enough, but could you imagine attempting to find your soul mate online? SEXYLIPS66 is a humorous look at online dating and all the odd responses you may receive if you'd placed a personal ad. Callie is sharp tongued and her responses to each of the emails are laugh-out-loud funny. I felt like I was witnessing Callie's self-confidence growing over the time she corresponds with Brian. Brian's got some huge decisions to make himself. He loves his career but he also longs for a quieter life and a woman to share it. Both of these characters are charmingly vulnerable and will steal your heart. This is a wonderful story and I'll definitely read it again.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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