Shades of Gray
By Sherri Myers
Feb 1, 2006 - 7:52:00 AM

Sela Barnes has never been accepted by her in-laws as their only son's wife.  Being an African-American woman married to a white man was no big deal to Sela or her husband Rodney, but his parents can't seem to get past the color of her skin.  When she had gotten pregnant at seventeen, the Barneses blamed her for trapping Rodney into marrying her.  Now after twenty years of marriage and six kids together, the animosity between Sela and her in-laws is as strong as ever with no sign of ever being resolved.

Suddenly Rodney and Sela find their lives thrown into chaos when Rodney is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.  As Rodney weakens and emotions rise to an all-time high, Sela finds her strength and character tested like never before. 


Upon Rodney's passing, Sela is confronted by an intense grief for her husband that almost paralyzes her.  The presentation of court papers suing for custody of her children by her in-laws is the final straw in her horrible ordeal, and Sela comes to realize she must turn to God for help in order to survive.  Can Sela and Rodney's parents ever mend the fences between them and see past the color of the outside to the good that lies below the surface? 


Not your traditional 'romance' novel where the couple end up in love by story's end, SHADES OF GRAY is instead a sweet romance where Sela and Rodney are already deeply in love in the beginning of the book.  Ms. Thomas takes the reader on a journey of love and healing to a faith-strengthening ending that sees past the color of one's skin.  This touching story is sure to touch the reader's heart, and have them searching for the tissues and other books by Ms. Thomas.

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