Shadow Touch

Author: Marjorie M Liu

Publisher: Leisure

Release Date: Feb 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: Print

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Elena Barter puts her hands on the small girl in the hospital bed who is riddled with cancer. Elena takes a quick furtive look to the door to make sure no one is coming in the room and then proceeds to use her "gift" to give the child's body a push towards healing the deadly disease. Never hearing the men come in the room as she is intent on healing, she is tranquilized and taken away with no one the wiser. Elena awakens to the feel of a steel table underneath her and the face of a gray haired doctor preparing her for the experiments they plan for her to learn just how her healing gift works. When she hears the tortured scream of a man down the hall she knows that it is not going to be a good day.

Artur and Elena have been kidnapped by a group called the Consortium. A group determined to find out the science of how their gifts work and how best to control and bind them to the Consortium by torture and intimidation. What the Consortium didn't anticipate was the integrity of the pair, nor the affect that Elena would have on one of their best enforcers. With unexpected help from Rictor, Elena's guard, Elena and Artur find a way to communicate telepathically; they bond in a deep and lasting manner and manage to escape.

SHADOW TOUCH by Ms. Marjorie M. Liu touched me deeply on several different levels. The torture both Artur and Elena endure was devastating, however, their strength of mind and ethics as they battled to survive reminded me that no matter how tough the situation there is always hope. The loneliness of the pair that you could almost taste had me in tears; their willingness to help themselves and others during their trials in this book proved to me that a "leap of faith and trust" is something we can all find within ourselves no matter how torturous our lives seem on a daily basis. SHADOW TOUCH has it's dark moments but to me the overwhelming feeling I took away from this book was one of hope and the knowledge that no matter how different our gifts and personalities are, with a little trust in others and love if you are willing to look for and fight for it the world would be a much better place. A superb story by an author that has moved to my "must buy" list.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Brenda Edde

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