Shadow of the Hawk
By Scarlet
Feb 11, 2008 - 2:08:38 PM

Maggie Devereaux’s Mercy Creek Ranch is in trouble; a neighbor is out to destroy everything she has worked hard to hold on to.   With her bank accounts and her trust destroyed by her thieving ex-husband, Alex, Maggie has worked hard to get back on her feet.   Now a neighboring rancher is set on destroying her reputation.   Finding Hawk Riley busted up and broke; lying under his ancient pickup truck may be the answer to her prayers. Hawk just needs someone to take a chance on him again.   When he wakes up in the hospital it is to find Maggie ready to give the cutting horse specialist a second chance.   By posing as her fiancée, she hopes he can ward off the escalating threats by her neighbor.

Hawk and Maggie’s characters are real people with very real problems, just like the rest of us.   I was immediately drawn to both characters and wanted to see if life would continue to throw them curves or if they would come out winners by the end.   Hawk has had his share of misfortune and has taken a few wrong turns throughout his less-than-perfect past.   I was empathetic to his down-to-his-last-dollar plight and cheered him on to make the most of his second chance.  Maggie is a woman who has been abused and used by someone she trusted and is still hounded on a daily basis by a conniving neighbor and mother.   Her circumstances are ones I found myself in many years past and hoped she got the break she needed both in her personal and professional life.   The chemistry is palpable, sizzling with undercurrents whenever Maggie and Hawk are together.   There is no doubt this remarkable couple belong together.   The vividly depicted sense of time and place Judith Rochelle presents allows the reader to be a part of the daily trials and rewards of ranch life.   All in all, SHADOW OF THE HAWK is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.   I plan to look for more of this author’s titles.  

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