Shadows Forge 3 - Retaking America
By Deborah Kimpton
Sep 1, 2007 - 7:04:00 AM

SHADOWSFORGE 3: RETAKING AMERICA , tells the story of one wild British band from the 1980’s, who take the world and many of its women by storm. Singer Geoff is missing his girl, but when his life takes an unexpected twist, the once lonely front man ends up with more than just one female on his mind. Jordan wants a special woman to share his life on the road, but this particular band member should be careful what he wishes for. Sexy Ty is on his second marriage and trying hard to forget the misery that his first wife caused. Jon is living and loving in the fast lane, but will his wild ways lead to heartache? And Brian has secrets that could shake the whole band in more ways than one.

In SHADOWSFORGE 3: RETAKING AMERICA, Jena ’ Galifany has provided readers with one sexy set of men and a totally enthralling story line. It was very refreshing to see life and love from the male perspective and I enjoyed every moment of “the tour." Backstage antics are brought to life and characters are fully realized in what truly is a fascinating and intriguing read. I was gripped by the passions of these men and of their creator. Ms. Galifany writes with insight and dedication that shines throughout her work. This was, for me, an addictive and compelling read, which left me gripped from beginning to end. I’m more than ready to get back on that tour bus and can’t wait for the next instalment.

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