Shameless - Bitter Creek series, book 10
By Diana S
Mar 1, 2016 - 7:52:35 PM

Pippa Grayhawk grew up in Australia with her father Matt. When Matt tells her they are moving to Wyoming to take over the family ranch, Pippa figures it is because she is pregnant and not married. Pippa is bombarded with jeers and fruit throwing every time she goes to town because of her condition. She knows she has to leave the area but she doesn't want to go all the way to America.

Matt Grayhawk left Wyoming when he was seventeen with his little baby girl to keep her from being put in the system by his baby's grandparents. He has stayed away from bad memories until his father finds him and offers him the family ranch to come home. He doesn't want the ranch or his family but he needs to get his kids out of Australia and back to his roots. He only has to live on the ranch for a year until it is his and he can sell it to get back at his dad for the past hurts.

Devon is the youngest of the four Flynn brothers and has always felt like an outcast. Devon's mother died when he was born and his father has always blamed him for his loss. Devon doesn't like the feud between the families so he bought a ranch back in the woods away from everyone. He has a wolf named Wulf that he has raised from a pup. He always takes in injured animals from the wild to nurse back to health and then releases them back into the wild. He has a badly traumatized horse that no one can control.

Pippa doesn't like her new home nor the spoiled brats that live there. They are always giving her a difficult time and she leaves to ride into the hills to be alone when possible. Pippa was a horse whisperer in Australia and can always feel for abused or injured animals. After she meets Devon on one of her rides and finds out he is a good listener, she wants to be his friend. Pippa has vowed against getting close to any man after being lied to by the man she thought she was in love with who impregnated her and then left because he was married. She wants her child but is not sure how she will feel about the child if he or she look like the father. Pippa and Devon become friends and she goes to stay with him at his ranch in hopes of settling her mind about what to do with her life. She wants to work with the traumatized horse to try to help heal him and make him trust humans again.

Pippa keeps her pregnancy a secret from everyone and her father has a secret of his own about her mother who Pippa thinks is dead. This is a story of family betrayals, money and rivalry that can destroy everyone.

I give this novel 4 Blue Ribbons on Romance Junkies' website because I love the western romances and when you add in family secrets and tragedies that show how love can be used as revenge, it makes for a can't-put-down story that has you anxious to find out all the secrets of both feuding families. A captivating book for a cold and windy night snuggling by the fire.

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