Sharing Sunrise
By Sarah W
Mar 30, 2004 - 11:41:00 PM

Marian Crane has been in love with Rolph McKenzie since she was a little girl. Unfortunately, she has never been able to get him to see her as anything other than a little sister. She is hoping that will change when she convinces Rolph to hire her as a boat broker at his business, Sunrise Marina and Boat Brokerage. Against his better judgment Rolph hires Marian, believing she will quit soon enough. Rolph thinks Marian is a flighty and shallow woman who flits from job to job and man to man, he has never really known her for her true self, a strong and independent business woman who is incredibly intelligent and able to accomplish even the toughest of tasks. Her latest goal: show Rolph how good they would be together.

This was a really cute and romantic story, but it also had a very serious theme. Rolph had serious trust issues that he had to overcome in order to be truly happy with Marian, and it is only when he finally looks past Marian's façade and his own reservations about falling in love with a woman who he watched grow up that these two achieve true happiness. Judy Gill pens a great romance that is swift moving with a wonderful storyline. SHARING SUNRISE is a very emotionally satisfying read because it shows two close friends falling in love and learning something new about each other and themselves along the way.

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