Sharp Shootin' Cowboy (Hot Cowboy Nights, Book 3)
By Jo
Jun 1, 2015 - 4:48:44 PM

SHARP SHOOTIN' COWBOY (HOT COWBOY NIGHTS, BOOK 3) is Reid and Haley's story.  They are on opposite sides in many of their beliefs especially since she works for a conservation group that is reintroducing wolves back into the wilds and he's a rancher and hunter and works for his family's outfitting company and wolves harm their livestock and horses.  Watching them fight their attraction and go head to head justifying their beliefs to the other was at times fun to watch and other times scary.

Vane's SHARP SHOOTIN' COWBOY has immediate chemistry between Reid and Haley the first time they meet although she wants no part of him or their attraction since she dislikes Marines for personal reasons.  Reid has other ideas since they keep getting thrown together or their paths intentionally cross. Haley unwittingly fantasizes about him and always has him in her thoughts which causes her nothing but anguish and concern especially since Reid feels the attraction and keeps fanning the flames.  Seeing their attraction continue at a distance and chance meetings happen over many years was often frustrating.  Reid wanted to act on his feelings and Haley tried to keep him at bay with all the wolf causes she was involved with. Whenever they were together there were sparks and then fire and the heat and loving were hot, hot, hot!  He's one of the few people that get her - her grandparents and best friend, Yolanda, are the others. Jeffrey, her mentor and boss, was slimy and it didn't seem possible that she was in a relationship with him for so long and didn't see the real him.  He was a user since he needed her fundraising talents but always put her research and interests on the back burner because his needs and wants always came first.  His true colors finally came out in Wyoming. Reid's ex, Tonya, was another piece of work.  Breaking up with him while he was in a war zone was heartless and now that she wants him back she thinks he should just fall into her plans. There were vivid descriptions of the mountains, ranches, wilderness, animals and beaches and I felt I was there.  There  was family, friends, animals, heartache, loss, sadness, hurt, tears, fear, disbelief, angst, happiness, laughter, romance and love.  There was some closure and a happily ever after but the book ended very abruptly.  I didn't realize I was at the end until I turned the page in my Nook and it was the author's acknowledgments.  I actually looked back thinking I had missed a page or two.


Vane is a fairly new to me author having only read one other of her books, THE DEVIL YOU KNOW (THE DEVIL DEVERE #3) which I also enjoyed.  I need to read the first two books in the HOT COWBOY NIGHTS SERIES, SLOW HAND and ROUGH RIDER.  I also look forward to reading book four, A COWBOY'S WHISPER, when it gets published later this year so I can be reunited with characters I came to care for. Vane's books are definitely being added to my always growing TBR pile!

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