Shattered Dreams
By Tammy Kelley
Oct 15, 2005 - 1:41:00 AM

Brinna has been looking for a full time legal secretary position; but every thing that comes her way is just temporary.  Working this last job, Brinna sees Mason, someone she hasn't seen in twelve years.  She is shocked at first when she sees him; Mason looks just like his older brother Zack, the man that Brinna has loved since she was sixteen.  Brinna agrees to meet Mason for lunch, even though she knows that he was in love with her when they were younger, and she was dating his brother Zack.  Upon finding out that Brinna is looking for a full time job as a legal secretary he offers her a job working for him, since he is going to be opening his private practice soon.

When Brinna agrees to go to dinner with Mason to talk about the job offer she has no idea that he is taking her to Zack's house.

Now Zack had been in love with Brinna when they were younger; but when he had a wreck that broke his back he didn't want to tie her down to a cripple.  Zack didn't know rather or not he would ever walk again or if he would even be able to feel his legs.  What kind of a life would that have been for them?  So he told Brinna to go and forget about him and any future that they would have had.

When Brinna sees Zack she knows that her feeling for him have never changed, she is as in love with him now as she was when she was sixteen.  Zack's mother Connie gave Brinna a perfect opportunity; offering her a job to stay with Zack as his housekeeper.  Brinna knew she wanted to be around Zack and to see if he still has any feelings left for her that they would be able to build a future on.  At first Zack fights his feelings for Brinna; but with a little bit of time he has to admit to the feelings that he is feeling for Brinna.

In SHATTERED DREAMS you will find that sometimes you have to fight to make the dreams that were once shattered become dreams that can be repaired and built upon.  You will have to read SHATTERED DREAMS by Sandee McCann to see all the obstacles that Brinna and Zack have to face in order to repair their SHATTERED DREAMS for a second chance at happiness.

I would recommend reading SHATTERED DREAMS to anyone that wants to read something that actually lets you see what a person that is faced with being not able to walk; but still wanting to be with the woman that he loves.  SHATTERED DREAMS is a book that will have you crying, mad and happy all in the space of a minute.

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