Shattered by the CEO
By Natasha Smith
Apr 14, 2008 - 7:29:56 PM

His father has done it again. For as long as he can remember, Rand Kincaid’s father made his life miserable, always trying to ‘one up’ him on everything, including women.
Rand has lost count of how many times his father interfered in his love life by taking his girlfriends. The last straw was when Rand caught his lover, Tara, leaving his father’s suite in the dead of the night. After that, Rand fled to California where he would have continued to live had it not been his father’s death and the reading of the will – a will that states in order for Rand or his siblings to keep control of the family business he must rehire and work side by side with Tara Anthony for one entire year. If either quits, then no one gets their inheritance, Rand’s brother and sister included.

Tara Anthony is astonished beyond speech when she answers the door and ex-lover Rand Kincaid is standing there. She is further overwhelmed when Rand explains his reason for looking her up. Very businesslike and precise, he tells Tara the terms of his father’s will and offers her the position of personal assistant to the CEO, who just happens to be him. Tara refuses until she realizes that this might be to her advantage and she counteroffers. Rand has no choice but to accept, and he isn’t happy. Tara figures she has nothing to lose and 365 days in which to make Rand understand that she never betrayed him, no matter what he wants to believe.


Talk about mistakes and untruths! Because his father was always interfering in his business and trying to take his women, Rand came to the conclusion five years ago that Tara had betrayed him. He feels it is his duty to make Tara pay for this and tries to do so once they come to an agreement. Underneath his gruff, no nonsense exterior beats the heart of a man who wants nothing more than a woman to love him.  Past hurts and previous relationships interfere with his ability to love Tara. Tara is kinder to Rand than I think I would have been but, then again, she loves him and has thought about him ever since they broke up. It is that love she feels for him that keeps her going and in the end, it is what saves them. 


Emilie Rose is a favorite Silhouette author of mine. Her ability to weave emotions and feelings into her characters always leaves me breathless and amazed at her talent. SHATTERED BY THE CEO is the first installment of The Payback Affairs, a new series from Silhouette Desire. The next installment, Bound by the Kincaid Baby, will release in July and I am looking forward to seeing what magic is in store for Rand’s brother. 

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