She Drives Me Crazy
By Bea Sigman
Feb 1, 2005 - 11:39:00 PM

The last person Johnny Walker expected to be the harlot the gossips were chattering about was Emma Jean Frasier. But what's a guy to think when her sexy long legs clad in a pink mini skirt and do-me heels steps out of her car and back into his life. Johnny left his bad boy ways behind him long ago and has become a respectable attorney for the little town of Joyful. So when Emma Jean literally falls at his feet in the supermarket, this white knight does the right thing and sweeps her off the feet and away from more gossip.

Ten years ago Emma Jean Frasier fled the small town of Joyful, Georgia without a backward glance after being found naked on prom night by most of the senior class. Now finding herself broke and unemployed thanks to some embezzling co-workers, Emma is returning to the only home she has, her grandmother's house, to lick her wounds and find a new job. What she didn't realize was the town grapevine was working its magic with gossip and has her labeled an adult film star who is opening a strip club outside of town. The sparks fly when Emma and Johnny get together. Add the blown-out-of-proportion rumors and you have an outstanding romance story that is sure to make you giggle.


Leslie Kelly's description of rumors and how outlandish they get makes this book not only romantic but funny as well. You will meet some of the most interesting characters throughout the entire story and with a new twist and turn throughout, it is sure to keep you turning the pages until the very end. Leslie Kelly is an amazing writer who writes the most unique stories that has this reader going back for more every time.

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