She Thinks Her Ex is Sexy...
By Cat Cody
Feb 1, 2009 - 4:28:22 PM

Shannon Leigh has spent her whole tabloid-filled life living down her mother’s sex-kitten reputation in Hollywood. In order to be taken seriously as an actor she has downplayed her own sexuality, but that doesn’t mean she lacks feelings. If anything, she has too many feelings, especially toward her hotter than hot ex-boyfriend, rock star Romero Jinks. Spending time with him at a friend’s wedding three months after their tumultuous breakup is enough to send her nerve endings into overdrive. Not that she’ll ever let him know that.

Romero Jinks can’t believe the sparks still fly between him and Shannon. How could this one woman get under his skin so badly that he isn’t even interested in another woman even after three months of celibacy? When the opportunity presents itself to drive her back from his friend’s wedding, he jumps on it. Not having her near him has been torture, but having her inches away and not touching her might be pure hell. It’s a risk he’s willing to take.


When Shannon and Romero end up stranded in the desert, their inhibitions don’t stand a chance. But can snuggling under a star-lit sky solve the problems they’ve left behind them in civilization? And will giving in to the desires coursing through them make their problems better or worse?


SHE THINKS HER EX IS SEXY and you will too. This fabulous story by the always wonderful Joanne Rock will have you glued to your seat—in more ways than one—until you finish the book. Romero is beyond hot. Who doesn’t love a rock star with soul-filled brown eyes and a sexy bod? Shannon and Romero have so much chemistry, their sparks practically singe your fingers. At the same time, you feel for both of them and the baggage they carry after living in the public eye for so long. This is a fantastic Valentine’s Day story that will have you searching out your own sweetheart for some quality snuggle time. . .or maybe more. 


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