She Went All the Way
By Evelyn
Mar 27, 2008 - 5:26:17 PM

Lou Calabrese is a talented screenwriter.  She won an Oscar for the last screenplay she wrote.  She did not intend for her actor boyfriend for whom she wrote it to fall in love with, and marry, his costar!  But she has sworn off actors, moved on, and is working on her latest movie with her arch enemy, Jack Townsend.  The last thing Lou wants is to be stuck on location in Alaska with Jack, who takes perverse pleasure in changing her lines.  Nothing gives her more pleasure than to write Jack into dangerous and often times humiliating scenes!

Lou isn’t the only person who doesn’t love Jack, though.  During their flight across Alaska, the two of them are surprisingly nearly killed by the pilot!   It appears someone has hired him to kill Jack, and Lou just happens to be along for the ride.  Suddenly, the two of them are hiking through the wilderness of Mt. McKinley, with only Lou’s extensive knowledge of survivor movies to guide them.   


SHE WENT ALL THE WAY is a fast-paced, thrilling read with a great mystery to keep readers guessing until the end.  The tension between Jack and Lou leads to its obvious conclusion, but not without many twists and turns along the way!  It’s a great book I will recommend to all of my friends!

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