She did a Bad, Bad Thing

Author: Stephanie Bond

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: July 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Jane Kurtz is just an ordinary looking woman and very talented at making others look beautiful. She works as a makeup artist for a talk show, Just Between Us. No one seems to remember Jane's name and she attributes it to being so plain looking. Why just this morning the celebrity she was working on asked her why she did not make herself look pretty if she had the talent to make others look so beautiful. Jane was dumbstruck.

Liza, Jane's best friend, helped start the talk show but left after a huge argument with Eve. The three of them used to be best friends and played the lottery regularly. They had their favorite six numbers that they played each time. When Liza left, Jane and Eve kept her number out of respect for her. As more employees were hired on, they added three more people to the group to play the lottery.

Eve teases her on whether she has a hot date tonight because it has been months since her boyfriend, James, has broke up with her. Jane wishes she had that special someone. Lately, she has been feeling rather restless. Is it the fact that she has no man in her life? Her last boyfriend dumped her and told her that she was dull. His comment really upset her.

Jane drives home to her apartment building. She notices that her new neighbor's car is parked next to her spot while a little red sports car is parked in her spot. Angry, she heads up to her new neighbor's apartment. As the door opens, she is stunned at the sight before her. A half-naked man with the most amazing body and striking good looks stands there. Jane blubbers about the parking mix-up. He introduces himself as Perry Brewer and Jane introduces herself. He apologizes and turns to tell his girlfriend that she needs to move her car. Wow! What she would give to have a man like that! Later that evening she hears thumping and screaming next door. They are making out. Just great! She marches over to his apartment and raps loudly on the door. Perry opens the door half dressed and she tells him to keep the noise down.

Afterward, Jane goes out on her deck with a glass of wine to soothe her nerves. A high concrete wall separates her deck and Perry's deck. While lounging on her deck, she hears Perry and his girlfriend come out onto their deck. She quietly listens while Perry mentions what a mousy looking neighbor he has living next to him who probably never had wild sex in her life. The rude comment cuts right through to Jane's heart. She bursts into tears, dashes inside, dropping her wineglass in the process. Perry hears the tinkling of glass. Oh no, his new neighbor, whatshername, overheard his thoughtless comment. He wonders if he should go over and apologize, maybe tomorrow.

The next day at the studio the show's topic is how to release your innermost wild child. Jane is entranced as that day's guest talks about it. It seems that the message was intended just for her. After that shows segment ends, Eve calls Jane into her office and closes the door. Jane wonders what Eve has to tell her that is so important. Eve rummages through her purse trying to locate her ticket and tells Jane that they won. Jane wonders if she heard right. They won? Eve tells her that they won the lottery, thirty eight million dollars. They are millionaires!

Jane wonders what she will do with her life. Today's show about releasing your inhibitions surfaces in her memory. That is it! She excitedly makes plans to go to Vegas and have a wild weekend. She needs to change herself if she wants to attract the opposite sex. What lies ahead in Jane's future? Does she get the man of her dreams? Does Perry apologize to Jane about his careless remark? What wild things happen during Jane's weekend in Vegas? What problems lie ahead for Jane and Eve after winning the lottery?

Stephanie Bond writes an amazing love story filled with excitement, hope, and passion. Jane is an average looking woman who wins the lottery. After her amazing makeover, she discovers some interesting things about herself. Perry is a stunning, handsome man who has foot in the mouth syndrome but deep down is a loving, caring person. The story line moves fast as Jane wins the lottery and heads off to Vegas. Her weekend is an exciting one filled with many fun surprises and stuff that only dreams are made of. I fell in love with the story because it has so much hope that dreams can come true. The sex scenes were so steamy I had to turn my fan on to cool myself off. There are also tense scenes as Jane and Eve have problems after winning the lottery. I couldn't put the book down until I found out how it all ended. Stephanie Bond's novel, SHE DID A BAD, BAD THING is a tremendous tale of hidden desires and dreams that is delightfully risqué and full of charm.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele

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