She's All That: Spa Girls Collection Bk. 1
By Sherri Myers
Oct 1, 2005 - 11:48:00 PM

Lilly Jacobs is almost thirty, the make-or-break age she had chosen to either be set in her career as a fashion designer, or she was going back to a desk job.  With her self-imposed deadline quickly approaching, Lilly calls for a spa weekend with her two best friends, Morgan and Poppy, to talk over her options with them.  Morgan is a rich heiress living in San Francisco who does her best to make people happy, even when she isn't.  Poppy is a chiropractor in Silicon Valley with Biblical wisdom and herbal remedies she prescribes for her patients.

Lilly blames her love problems on her 'bad hair' that she can't seem to tame no matter the amount of time and money she spends on it.  Lilly has an MBA degree from Stanford in finance, but her dream is to be a fashion designer, which after being passed over for promotion doesn't appear to be in her future. 


Three different guys are in the running for the position of Mr. Right in Lilly's life, but as soon as she thinks a guy might be the one, something happens to make her question his 'rightness' for her.  Living in San Francisco, the guy choices are pretty sparse to begin with.  Will Lilly ever figure out whom God has chosen for her?


SHE'S ALL THAT is the first novel in the new Spa Girls Collection Series by Kristin Billerbeck.  Friends Lilly, Poppy, and Morgan are better known as the Spa Girls, each thinking the other two have better lives than she does.  Ms. Billerbeck was one of the first Christian chick-lit authors, and has perfected her craft very well.  I look forward to reading the stories of Poppy and Morgan also in the future, and recommend this book as a light-hearted chick-lit read for the female Christian community.

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