She’s Got Legs
By J.T.
Sep 4, 2006 - 11:13:00 PM

Substitute the glass slippers with a horrendous pair of purple platforms and you have a wonderful contemporary Cinderella story as told by Amanda Brice. Daria is a loveable gal who just needs a little help with her confidence, and picking up the wrong pair of shoes for her fifteen year high school reunion is definitely not something that will boost her confidence in facing her ex-tormentors. However, just as she is thinking of calling it a day, Daria meets up with her secret crush and what would have been a lost night may just be the start of something wonderful.

Greg McCauley can't remember who the beautiful woman who calls herself "Elaine Benes" really is but she will certainly be in his mind from now on. Sheathed in a seductive red slinky dress, SHE'S GOT LEGS, and enough confidence to flaunt even the craziest pair of shoes Greg has ever seen on a woman.  However, after spending an unforgettable evening talking together with a promising night to follow, she suddenly leaves without divulging her real name or telephone number! What is Greg to do but set out and search for the gal with the crazy shoes!
Greg makes a wonderful 'prince' who does not give up on Daria, even when faced with almost impossible odds of ever meeting her again! And it is wonderful how Amanda portrays Daria as a mature, confident woman who does not revert back to her high school insecurities when facing her old tormentors. An exhilarating love story where even a pair of purple platform horrors has a role to play in the game of love.

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