She's on Top
By Amanda Haffery
Apr 1, 2008 - 11:09:13 AM

Rina and her current beau have been dating for two months when he suddenly proposes. It's not the most romantic proposal, considering he forgets to get down on one knee and to actually place the ring on her finger. Instead, he suddenly remembers he has a ring and says, "Here." Unfortunately, Rina isn't sure if she's actually in love with him or not. She's never been able to get over the boy from her past. However, romance isn't the only issue…Rina has self confidence problems pertaining to her body size. She's sure that if she tracks down her lost love, he wouldn't want the woman she's become now.

When Giancarlo and Rina first met, they were teens just discovering sex. Giancarlo was from Italy but in the states to study music. What was supposed to be a summer fling between a scrawny Italian boy and a chubby Jewish girl left both of them wishing for more. Giancarlo has never stopped thinking of Rina. He loved everything about her and was very sorry when he had to leave. He's back in Vancouver now and when he hears from Rina, all those old emotions and passions come flooding back. Somehow, some way, he has to make Rina understand what she means to him. The only thing really standing in their way is the maybe fiancé and her weight issues, which are not at all an issue for Giancarlo.


Ms. Lyons did it again. I was riveted from beginning to end. I love everything about this series and I'm very sad that this is the end for the Fearless Foursome. I'm very glad things worked out for all involved, but it's like letting go of your best friends. SHE'S ON TOP is a wonderful completion and wraps up everything nice and tidy. We finally get Rina's story, who's always been my favorite character. I can completely relate to the weight issues Rina has, which endears her to me even more. I know how hard it is to believe that a gorgeous man could want a bigger woman. Giancarlo is any woman's dream. He's sexy, suave, compassionate and above all, he's sincere. Rina and Giancarlo are a match made in Heaven and no other couple deserves a happily ever after more. Ms. Lyon's did an amazing job interweaving the characters, the storyline and the smoking sex scenes, leaving this reader hot and bothered long after finishing. Ms. Lyon's is one of my all time favorite erotica authors and each story just gets better and better. I have to say, she's certainly going out with a bang on this series!

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