Shelter Bay: The Homecoming
By Dottie
Mar 24, 2011 - 8:25:51 PM

Sax Douchett has just returned home after a stint in Afghanistan as a Navy SEAL. During his time overseas, his company had all been killed, leaving him the sole survivor. Wounded, he had been captured and spent time in a prisoner of war camp. All that had kept him going were the memories of his home in Shelter Bay. Growing up, he had been the town’s bad boy, though he never got into any serious trouble. Now the town is treating him as a hero, even giving him his own parade down Main Street, but the only thing he wants is to leave the war behind and get on with his life. However, he is being haunted by the ghosts of his fallen comrades.  In the meantime, he has acquired a dog, which he rescued from a gang of bikers and named Velcro.

Kara Conway is the sheriff of Shelter Bay. In the past few years, she has suffered a couple of losses. First, her marine husband Jared, whom she had loved since third grade, was killed in the line of duty. Then her father, the sheriff at that time of Shelter Bay, was killed during a domestic dispute call. Kara had left southern California where she had been a patrol cop and returned home to Shelter Bay at that time. When asked to temporarily take over the sheriff’s position until they found someone, she had agreed. Now six months later, it seems like they had stopped looking for a replacement. She lives with her mother, who was a doctor, and her eight-year-old son Trey. They are trying to get on with their lives without Jared.

Letting Velcro out for a run, Sax was surprised when she returned with a human bone. So he called the sheriff and was amazed when Kara pulled up at his home. He had been best friends with Jared and Kara in high school. In fact, when Jared left for the marines, he had asked Sax to watch out for Kara if anything happened to him. Sax was amazed at how well she had filled out over the years. During his senior year he had had a crush on her, but she had been Jared’s girl.

Now back home to stay, Sax has plans to reopen the Cajun restaurant operated by his parents years ago and maybe, get to know the star of his senior year dreams a little better, as well as her son. However, as they work together to solve the mystery of the body parts that Velcro has uncovered, their feelings for each other deepen, and crime is on the rise in their small town as the past is brought to light.

THE HOMECOMING is an emotion-packed contemporary romance. In this story, the complex and compelling characters deal with the issues of real life as a range of emotions are dealt with, ranging from laughter to tears. Trey has to deal with the loss of his father and seeing another man in his mother’s life, while his mother deals with allowing another man in her life after the loss of the man she has loved most of her life. Sax is dealing with being a sole survivor of the men in his company and the ghosts that keep reappearing in the same condition as the last time he saw them; wounds and all. Even Kara’s mother Faith is discovering love again with her deceased husband’s best friend. Delightfully infused with an intriguing plot, suspense, humor, sexual tension, romance and loads of love, this story is a winner. I highly recommend THE HOMECOMING. Do not miss it!

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