Shift Change: Sex In The Office
By Sarah W
Jun 1, 2005 - 3:41:00 PM

Katie Long has wanted to make love with Joe Carson for a long time. She's always been somewhat shy, always been somewhat of a "good girl" but now she's finally ready to shed that skin and do something to grab Joe's attention. While at work with him, she starts subtly flirting with him, but it isn't until she is alone in the office that she really puts her plan into action. As Joe the security guard looks on with growing desire, Katie proves how much of a good girl she really isn't. Her "bad" side comes out in full force and Joe enjoys every moment. But will he take the bait and fulfill the rest of her fantasies?

It takes a talented author to create an intriguing novella in a short amount of pages, but Ms. White proves to be up to the challenge. SHIFT CHANGE is an erotic adventure involving two protagonists who have been warily circling each other for months. The buildup is almost as exciting as the actual culmination of their attraction is. Of course, attraction and desire isn't anything unless there is some feeling there to back it up and Ms. White proves that Katie and Joe have some definite strong feelings to each other. This is a fun and fast-paced novel that takes office romances to a whole new level.

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