Ship of Dreams - Dreams Come True series, book 2

Author: Rebecca Heflin

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Release Date: February 11, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: EBOOK

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Striving to be one of the most powerful women in advertising, Laura Armstrong sets out to win the Imperial Cruise Lines' account. To make it even sweeter, winning the account will prove her father wrong. He is set on his belief that his daughter will not amount to anything. With the VP promotion she is sure to get when she wins the account, Laura can prove to her father how wrong he is about her. While racing to the office, her shoe gets caught in a crack on the sidewalk, but then a gorgeous southern gentleman helps free her foot. Daydreaming about the handsome stranger, but needing to do some research on the cruise lines, she books herself on the next voyage of the Ship of Dreams and finds much more than she is looking for.

Southern gentleman Nathan Maxwell is also determined to win this account, but his reasons are closer to home. After the death of his mother, he and his sister had been taken in by their grandmother. She had used what money she had to give the two children an education, even putting her farm in jeopardy. After her death, Nathan's sister had taken over running the much loved home, but now, unless they can come up with the money to repay the bank, they will lose it. Nathan needs the bonus from winning the Imperial Cruise Lines' account to save the farm. To get an up close look at the cruise lines, he books himself on the next voyage.

Fascinated with each other and the sparks that fly between them, they soon indulge in shipboard intimacy, which Laura insists will end when the voyage is over. But after more than a week of intimacy they discover that they are both after the same account and each suspects the other of spying. Will the bond they have formed while aboard ship be enough to get beyond their feelings of betrayal and give them a future together?

SHIP OF DREAMS, the second book in award winning author Rebecca Heflin's DREAMS COME TRUE series, is a deliciously humorous and heated contemporary romance that readers will find hard to put down. The chemistry between Nathan and Laura is very real and the story so descriptive that readers will feel like they are aboard the ship in the midst of the tale. I also enjoyed the secondary characters in this story.

A wonderful plot, humor, sensuality, shipboard romance, betrayal and love make this delightful story memorable. Although the sex scenes are more inferred than explicit, they are no less hot. This story can be read as a standalone, but if you enjoy SHIP OF DREAMS, I am sure you will also like the first story of this series, DREAMS OF PERFECTION. Pick up a copy of SHIPS OF DREAMS and discover Ms. Heflin's world for yourself!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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