Shockwave (Calendar Men - Mr. May)
By Suzie Housley
Dec 1, 2014 - 3:52:16 AM

In the military, Tanner North learned to disarm bombs.  He blames himself for his last mission where a young mother lost her life.  He is haunted by that one day where he replayed it out in his head he questions himself if he made the right decision.

Lannie Sawyer was a War Reporter.  She was there the day that Tanner North had to make a difficult decision.  Through her camera, she captured the fiery explosion as Tanner ran with the young mother’s child.  Her news article turned Tanner in an instant overnight hero.

When Lannie finds herself in need of a lucrative career to help fund her grandmother’s nursing home stay, she seeks out Leo Russo.   The only way Leo will employ Lannie is if she convinces Tanner North to be a part of his Widows and Orphans calendar shoot he is planning.

Lannie knows that Tanner blames her for his unwanted fame.  How she is going to convince him to help her will test all of her skills of persuasion.  Will she succeed in even coming close enough to him to allow her the opportunity to make her plea?

SHOCKWAVE has all the elements that would make it an excellent romance.  Although I found myself struggling with how the book jumped from one scene to another.  I feel if the author had stayed in the present moment this would had been a much better story.  The action at the end of the book was its biggest saving grace. It was written with nail biting suspense that had me holding my breath.

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