Shoe Addicts Anonymous
By Ann
Aug 2, 2007 - 7:43:48 PM

Lorna Rafferty is a waitress who loves designer shoes.   She is so wrapped up in them that she is sinking deeper and deeper into debt.   When she finally sees the light, Lorna has to figure out a way to not only curb her spending but maybe find other women who are experiencing the same dilemma.   So she decides to form Shoe Addicts Anonymous, a weekly group that comes together to trade shoes and stories.   She meets three different women who bring her so much more.   Sandra is agoraphobic and works as a phone sex operator.   Joss is a nanny who is trying to regain her sanity as she works for the family from hell and Helene is a senator’s wife who is learning to live on a budget after her husband cancels her credit cards.   As they get to know one another, they learn that they aren’t so different after all.

SHOE ADDICTS ANONYMOUS is a wonderful book which has laughs, pain and self revelation.   Each woman came into the group as a way to bond on their love for fashionable shoes and to trade those they no longer wear.   Yet something surprising happened along the way.   They became really good friends and were able to share secrets that even their own families didn’t know.   As they examine their own lives, they empower themselves to change their lives for the better.   I loved how each woman’s story was told and I didn’t feel like they were being short changed in any way.   Even their love lives changed because they no longer settled.   They wanted something better for themselves.   Lorna, Sandra, Helene and Joss are works in progress but the ending was spectacular.  It was ironic but so fitting for them as they turn another corner in their lives.   

SHOE ADDICTS ANONYMOUS shows how a simple group can do wondrous things for its participants.   Not only is it inspirational, but I feel I got an education on the finer points of shoes.

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