Shopaholic To The Rescue
By Michele Rioli
Dec 21, 2015 - 6:02:05 PM

Nothing up my sleeve? Presto! Becky Brandon, alias, shop until you drop, Bloomwood, with her bevy of zany ideas, is at it again! After her dad and Tarquin, Suze’s husband, disappear, Becky corrals a posse of likely and unlikely companions to accompany her to Vegas, out in the wild blue yonder. Off she goes at a snappy clip, as Becky reigns supreme with a half-baked scheme to save her dad and Tarquin from who knows what, since they remain mum as to their whereabouts.  During the trip, Becky does her best to keep her mom and her best friend Suze from having complete breakdowns.

What ensues is anybody’s guess, because you just don’t know what to expect from Becky. She has her hands full though, keeping her riding buddies from getting too restless. Namely, her hubby Luke, who is driving the rented RV, her mom, her best friend Suze, her mom’s best friend Janice, her daughter Minnie, and dodgy Alicia. Why is she rushing to find her dad? Mainly because of guilt, after Becky ignored him during their last visit together in Los Angeles, while he was trying to tell her something. Besides, her mom is panic-stricken over her husband leaving and Suze’s husband is missing too. She just knows something dreadful has happened. But what? What happens to them as they travel out west? Will there be roadblocks at every turn? Will there be personal setbacks as well? What wild, wacky and weird things do they discover together?

Hold on to your seat, Becky Brandon, nee Bloomwood, rambles off into the Wild West in this new novel SHOPAHOLIC TO THE RESCUE. Mighty flighty, giggles galore and charming too, as Becky tries her hardest to make amends to everyone, especially her dad, who has flown the coop, off on a secret rendezvous, but for what possible reason, everyone thinks. Come along on an incredibly spirited ride with Becky and company. I laughed at Becky’s zippy cleverness as she came up with silly solutions to get her foot in the door, while moving closer to finding her dad. What a scream! I mean, how in the heck was she was going to pull this all off? Sophie Kinsella is a brilliant writer with a definite creative streak! I love all of her books, but the SHOPAHOLIC series is dear to my heart. SHOPAHOLIC TO THE RESCUE is a rambling ride on the wild side to find missing loved ones. What a hootin’, hee-haw time!

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