Should've Been a Cowboy
By Dottie
Jun 1, 2011 - 10:45:36 PM

Alex Keller had enough problems – with rain clouds on the horizon and of the three canopies he had ordered; only one has arrived. That was bad enough but now the band for the open house has cancelled a day before the event. As the first ever marketing director for the Last Chance, he had suggested the open house to increase the ranch’s visibility and establish it as THE place to go to purchase paints. As his first event for the ranch, he needs it to go well. The ranch also has personal significance since his sister is married to Jack Chance. After Alex’s divorce last summer, he had been in need of sanctuary and the Last Chance had provided that. When the job came open, he had jumped at the chance. Ten months ago, he had been the DJ for the wedding of Gabe and Morgan Chance and had spent the night with the bride’s younger sister Tyler in the hayloft…a night he could not forget. He had not wanted to get involved due to his recent divorce, and she had felt the same way, but she has been the star of his dreams ever since. What he wanted was what all three of the Chance men had already found – a solid marriage that showed all the signs of lasting a lifetime.

Although Tyler had tried to convince herself that the night she had spent with Alex had only been about superficial pleasure, there was nothing superficial about her feelings for him. As the activities director for a cruise ship, Tyler is up for a promotion that would make her the youngest cruise director in the history of the company. The cruise ship job is perfect for her, except it leaves no room for a man in her life. As a child, she had had to wear hand me downs. Now her job allows her to wear nice clothing. In fact, it is a requirement of her job and although she wears sexy clothing, it is to please herself…not a man.

With her sister Morgan only having one month until she is due to deliver her baby, Tyler had finagled a visit although it would only last a couple days. After all, on the date the baby is due, she will be in the middle of the Mediterranean. She hadn’t expected to see Alex, but seeing him had unsettled her. With her career uppermost in her mind, she could not stand the chance of getting involved with Alex. Her attraction to Alex wasn’t something she counted on in her carefully charted course. Yet, when Alex had said he had problems with the open house, it had been second nature for her to volunteer, even though this will throw her in his path constantly. For the next five days, she will be sleeping right across the hall from him.

Alex knew he needed to stay away from Tyler. She was the type of girl he could want forever and she wasn’t into that. But as they checked out the barn for the next day’s event, the memories were too strong and they were soon in each other’s arms, sharing a heated kiss and Alex’s world seemed to make sense once more. Giving in to the inevitable, they agreed on sex with no strings and no regrets. After all, they had done it once before. But will a few days be enough, or can Alex convince Tyler that they belong together?

A scintillating read, SHOULD’VE BEEN A COWBOY, the fourth book in the SONS OF CHANCE series, is a witty and sensual contemporary read that grabs you from the very first page, refusing to let go until the end of the story. I enjoyed this story immensely and look forward to the next two books in this exciting series; COWBOY UP, coming out in July, and COWBOYS LIKE US, which is due out in August. With strong, likeable characters, humor, sizzling hot love scenes, sexual tension and strong family ties, you will soon find yourself swept up in this heartwarming story, as gifted author Vicki Lewis Thompson brings it to life for you with her amazing story telling ability. If you are looking for a great afternoon’s escape with plenty of heat and humor, SHOULD’VE BEEN A COWBOY is the one for you.

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