Show Me
By Pat Cooper
Dec 15, 2007 - 11:57:13 AM

Secret fantasies and family loyalty wars in the soul of a beautiful woman in Jaci Burton’s stunningly sensual SHOW ME.

Managing her family’s philanthropic organization, heiress Janine Bartolino has always been careful to keep her public and private life above reproach, though she has sexual yearnings she knows would compromise that lifestyle. All her careful plans, however, are about to go up in smoke when she meets Phillipe Delacroix when her friends drag her out to a sex club as a surprise thirtieth birthday celebration.
Phillipe “Del” Delacroix doesn’t care what anyone thinks of his personal life and as part owner of the club he doesn’t have to worry about it. Something about Janine draws him in and he wants to unleash the passionately sexual woman he knows is hidden inside the shy exterior.
Before they know it, and despite her reservations, Janine becomes the exciting, passionate woman Del knows is buried inside. But when one of their public interludes is captured by a photographer, Janine is ready to flee in mortification as she sees her carefully maintained image coming apart. What had she been thinking? Could she trust Del enough to help her?
Del must now find a way to extricate her from the situation and, if he wants to keep her, get her to trust in him and their love.
Jaci Burton taps into the sensual worlds of the exhibitionist and peels back the layers on a woman’s deepest desires with nearly surgical skill. Her protagonists are substantial, likeable and fully fleshed out. The sex is steamy, sweaty and Burton yanks her readers into the middle with her narrative. A first-rate, fantastic effort from a top-notch writer.

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