Author: Tilly Bashawe

Publisher: Warner

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Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

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Growing up on a stud farm in England, seventeen year old Milly Lockwood Groves can’t remember a time when she wasn’t crazy about horses.  Her dreams of riding and racing horses came to an abrupt end when she was injured in a diving accident two years ago.  Even though she has fully recovered, Milly constantly fights the ongoing battle of trying to get her father to let her ride once again.  She is about to give up all hope until renowned American horse trainer Bobby Cameron becomes a guest in her family’s home.

When Milly sees that her father doesn’t have the time to play host, she takes over and persuades Bobby into giving her secret training lessons.  She is thrilled to see that he shares the same passion for horses.  As her lessons progress, Bobby becomes Milly’s biggest supporter in persuading her father that she is a very capable and gifted rider.  When it is time for Bobby to return home, she finds herself heading to America to work on his ranch, Highwood, in exchange for more advanced training.  Everything seems to be going well, except in the romance department.  Will Bobby ever take notice that she is a full grown woman?


Bobby is traveling a lot working to keep his ranch afloat.  While he is gone, Milly strives to make a name for herself in the racing world.  Does she have what it takes to go all the way?  Will she ever be able to capture the heart of the man who has taken over her every thought?


SHOWDOWN is an exciting story about the world of jockeys and the horse racing world.  Milly and Bobby show us an astounding compassion, love and respect for the horses they care for.  That passion between them finally explodes into a love like no other.  Kudos to Tilly Bagshawe for bringing to life an awesome tale that will captivate your heart.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Briana Burress

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