Shower of Stars
By Charity
Jul 31, 2004 - 6:48:00 PM

Charlie has landed the interview of her career with a reclusive meteorite hunter who is notorious for dodging media attention. Too bad she is running late and there is a dog hurt in the middle of the road.  Despite the rain and traffic, Charlie has to make sure the dog will be taken care of and she needs Jack's help to get the massive animal into her car and on to the vet.

Looking for some positive coverage before a multimillion dollar find is auctioned off, Jack agrees to meet with the reporter.  Unbeknownst to him, 'Charlie' is a woman, and a sexy woman at that.  He needs to keep her at a distance and out of his personal business to protect his privacy. 


Too many secrets, obsessions, and inflated egos threaten to end their relationship before it has a chance to bloom into love.  How will Jack react to the life Charlie has undertaken, and will she forgive and get beyond the secret of Jack's past?  When things get heated, the passion between these two people comes alive and grows deeper than the professional agreement they started.


Nancy Herkness reaches into the heavens to provide her characters with fierce intelligence and passion causing a page turning frenzy to find out what happens next.  SHOWER OF STARS leaves the reader feeling content and at the same time anxious to see what comes next from this author!  


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