By Phyllis Ingram
Nov 10, 2003 - 6:59:00 PM

Each couple have been married for quite a while and have a total of 11 children amongst them. They have not been away from the kids since their respective marriages. The women felt that this weekend would be a chance to add a little romance and spice in cabins at the lodge.

The men choose to ride all terrain vehicles instead of romancing their wives. When they suggested the women go shopping “to get grub for the next couple of days” and “don’t forget the beer”; this was not the thing to say, as they all were supposed to be on vacation.

SHOWTIME gives you ideas to try other sexual avenues.  I think the moral of the story is: Don’t ever take anyone for granted.  SHOWTIME is extremely erotic. Ms. Willows also impressed me with her sense of humor. I definitely look forward to reading and reviewing Ms. Willow’s other works.

NOTE: This title is also available in the print book CAITLYN'S KISSES.

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