Shut Up And Drive
By Moon Tee
Apr 4, 2006 - 6:00:00 PM

Tess Harper was tired of her boring, nonexistent life. She wanted adventure, fun and excitement.  She was tired of the same routine. Tess wanted action and lots of sex.  So Tess takes off driving to Vegas. She stops to pick up a man whose car had broken down. A very handsome, well- built man. Just what she needed for her dreams to come true.  Tess is very horny and Brody will do just fine for the ideas she has in mind.

Brody was stunned when Tess picked him up on the road then asks him he if he wants to have sex with her. He doesn't know what to say. Of course he wants to have sex with Tess. Brody is very willing and he finds Tess very attractive. He loves the ideas that she suggests and is willing to go along with anything she wants.

Tess and Brody have a very hot and sexy ride to Vegas. Sex at the gas station, in the car and in a motel room. Very hot and steamy sex. Tess's fantasies come true. Can she keep up the fantasy? Can Brody keep up with Tess?

Dakota Cassidy has written a very steamy, sexy and fun book. She has turned one person's life into a fantasy come true. Ms. Cassidy has put every woman's fantasy into a book that is an explosive and a mind blowing read. Ms. Cassidy has you hooked from page one and she keeps you hooked until the end. Even with the twist at the end you will be blown away.  Thank you Ms. Cassidy for an awesome read that will have readers coming back for more. I'll be looking forward to reading more from you.

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