Shut Up and Kiss Me
By Dottie
Jul 13, 2010 - 7:43:23 PM

Shala Winters, a photojournalist, has taken on the job of trying to make the small town of Precious, Texas a tourist spot.  The majority of the people in the town are Native American or North American-Hispanic mix.  Shala had grown up with her grandmother after her parents were killed.  Since her grandmother’s death, she has been on her own.  With the inheritance from her grandmother, she bought a very expensive camera, which she uses to make a living.  The Nikon camera is very dear to her, as it brings back memories of her grandmother.  Shala is great at what she does, and her fee is enormous, though lately there have not been as many jobs with the economy being down.  However, while she has been in town, she has noticed someone in a dark sedan following her.

Sky Gomez, the chief of police, is one of the members of the council who has tried to turn the town into a tourist spot, thus saving the town.  So, he was one of the main proponents for hiring Shala.  However, there were many who did not want her there.  At a young age, he lost his parents to a murder-suicide and ended up going into the foster system.  Adopted by Redfoot Darkwater and his wife Estelle, who has died, Sky has a stepbrother Jose and a stepsister Maria.  According to Redfoot, his dreams tell him that Shala is Sky’s soul mate.


Shala thought the Powwow was an ideal photo opportunity.  However, cameras were not allowed there.  Still, she took her Nikon with her, as she was not going to leave an eight thousand dollar camera in her hotel room for someone to steal.  However, when her camera dropped to the ground, she gingerly picked it up, as a woman beside her snapped a picture.  Suddenly, someone grabbed her camera and stalked off, disappearing.  Talking to several councilmen, including Redfoot Darkwater, Shala was told that she had broken the rules by having the camera at the Powwow, so she could not get the camera back for a week.  She searched all over town, including the Funky Chicken, before she found Sky’s home, only to have him tell her the same thing.  As she tried to persuade him, he received a call.  Redfoot had surprised a thief in the lodge and was in the hospital, badly hurt. As Sky left her at his home while he went to the hospital, she snooped for her camera, hoping to get the memory card.  Hearing a vehicle, she saw the dark sedan pulling up and managed to get a knife for protection, but she cut her hand badly in the process.  Though Sky’s part-wolf dogs chased the man off, Shala was shaken. 


After taking her to the hospital for stitches, Sky was determined to keep her safe, believing Redfoot’s attacker and the man in the dark sedan was the same person.  Since the suspect has been unable to find the camera at the lodge or at Sky’s house, will he go after Shala next?  Sky does not really believe in Redfoot’s soul mate claim, but he can’t deny that he is very attracted to Shala, and he is determined to keep her in town, even if he has to threaten to place her under protective custody to keep her there.


Outrageously funny, SHUT UP AND KISS ME is a delightfully sensual contemporary romantic suspense.  Readers will be unable to put this book down, wondering what happens next.  Sky’s stepbrother Jose, a secondary character, goes through so much, but his antics will leave you in tears of laughter.  If any of the characters deserve their own book, he does, just for the torture he went through in this book. I hope this novel is the start of a series on the folks of Precious, Texas.  This is a town this reviewer would not mind visiting…and perhaps, staying. SHUT UP AND KISS ME is also a ‘guaranteed read,’ meaning anyone who does not find this story everything they want in a contemporary romance will get her money refunded.  But I honestly cannot imagine anyone wanting their money back after reading this delightfully entertaining book.

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