Campus Cravings: Side-Lined

Author: Carol Lynne

Publisher: Total-e-bound Books

Release Date: August 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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When a drunk driver hit Max Henley’s car his life changed forever. His lover Nick was killed instantly, and Max, a gifted athlete, was injured to the point where he will never play football again. Nick and Max had been together since high school, and he hasn’t even tried to move on. Max has never been able to recover from the accident. For two years, he has been going through the motions, surviving but not really living.

Professor Alec Demakis has been watching Max all semester. He is very impressed with the work the young man has done in his class so impressed that he asks Max to help him with a research project over the summer. He also can’t deny that he finds Max very attractive. He has never seen anyone as miserable as Max. Alec would like nothing more than to see to see him smiling and happy.


Max has been fantasizing about his professor for months. He can’t believe it when Professor Demakis offers him a job; he is terrified and thrilled at the idea of spending so much time in his company. Max feels guilty for being attracted to Alec. However, unexpected revelations about Nick’s past causes him to question everything he thought he knew about their relationship. Hurt and confused, he turns to Alec for help and he soon finds that Alec is the only person who can help him understand the truth about Nick and Max as well.


I really enjoyed this novel. The plot is fun and also has enough tension and twists to hold the readers attention. Max is an interesting and complicated character. I really connected with his pain, and I found myself rooting for him to overcome his demons and be happy. I really cared about him. Alec is also a compelling character who is dominant and very sexy. This story is also very hot. I thought that the D/S element in the relationship added complexity and heat to the story. The love scenes are scorching but also very tender. Max and Alec have a very sweet relationship. All in all, SIDE-LINED by Carol Lynne is a delicious read. This is the second book in the Campus Craving series and I will certainly be reading more of this series in the future

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Christina

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