Sierra Falls - Sierra Falls Series, Book 1
By Dorine Linnen
Apr 11, 2012 - 8:00:00 AM

Sorrow Bailey helps her parents run their lodge and tavern in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Her brother and sister escaped, each following their dreams, but after their dad's stroke, Sorrow couldn't leave her mother to handle the lodge by herself.  Her dream is to someday be a professional chef, even though she knows it's highly unlikely that she'll ever get the chance.  For now, she satisfies her dream by cooking for her family and hoping that someday her dad will let her cook at the lodge for guests.

Sheriff Billy Preston worked in a big city police department in California before coming to Sierra Falls.  He needed the change from big city crime, and Sierra Falls has the perfect small town ambiance a man can ease into.  He's not sure if he'll ever really move on in his personal life since he's still not quite over the accidental death of his wife, but Sorrow Bailey intrigues him enough to try.  She's also in need of someone's protection if his suspicions are right in regards to the numerous accidents coincidentally happening at the lodge.

Sorrow and Billy's relationship starts off as friendship and slowly develops into something more than either of them can imagine.  Will they dare reach beyond their expectations together?

SIERRA FALLS is the quintessential gem of small town romances.  It's perfect in every way... filled with quirky old ladies instigating gossip, more than one budding romance, a villain hoping to spoil everything, a history revealed in historical letters, plus blossoming love between two deserving people.  I really loved the setting, the plot and the variety of characters who propelled the story forward.  Those who enjoy cooking themed stories will find this book especially appealing as Sorrow expands her interest in the culinary arts.  Sheriff Billy Preston is the ideal hero — broad shoulders for Sorrow to lean on and enough confidence in himself to encourage her to spread her wings. 

Author Virginia Wolff makes this novel seem effortless in its execution by lulling the reader within a close-knit community, overflowing with human frailties and strengths realistically portrayed.  For me, it's pure bliss finding the first book in a series that I enjoyed this much, even though waiting for the next book will be pure torture.  Loved it!

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