Silent Heat
By Suzie Housley
Nov 1, 2010 - 5:58:59 AM

At the age of ten, Carlee Cooper lost her hearing.  She refuses to let her disability rob her of living a fulfilling life. She studied to be a master gardener and with funding from her landlord she was able to open a greenhouse, and teach at a local high school. 

York Bridges is a successful businessman who has a fetish for the BDSM lifestyle.  His role as a Dom is one where is he able to masterfully take control whenever the opportunity allows him to practice.  There is something about his shy tenant Carlee Cooper, which has him wanting to explore her body further.


Carlee is intrigued by the attention she is receiving from York.  She has doubts that such a handsome man as he could find her attractive.  When it is revealed that York’s life revolves around BDSM will she be willing to submit to wear his red collar and become his submissive?


Vonna Harper has written an exceptional book in SILENT HEAT.  For anyone who enjoys reading about BDSM, this is one title you will not want to miss.  I was so impressed with how Carlee’s disability was presented and how it was never an issue with York.  I found that as a hero, York is what you find your dreams revolving around.  With this being the first book I have discovered by Vonna Harper, I know that is certainly want be the last!

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