Silent Truth
By Ann
Apr 2, 2010 - 9:46:34 PM

Hunter Thorton-Payne is a rich aristocrat which provides the perfect cover for the fact that he’s also a BAD agent.  He is looking for the assassin who killed his best friend and fellow operative several years ago leading him to a fundraiser where he meets Abbie Blanton.  Abbie bluffed her way into the party because she is running out of time.  The Wentworth fundraiser for the Kore Women’s Center holds the key to her mother’s survival.  When she finally has a chance to talk with Gwen Wentworth, shots are fired and Hunter finds himself saving Abbie.  Soon Abbie and Hunter find themselves on the run trying to figure out where they had met before and why the assassin seems to have an interest in both of them.

SILENT TRUTH is an interesting tale of a man who has kept his emotions very close to his heart.  Every time Hunter opens up, he gets hurt.  His family life was cold and his best friend was murdered in front of his eyes.  He has no real friends and they think of him as a heartless bastard.  Abbie loves her mother and will move heaven and earth to save her.  She finds it hard to believe that Hunter would give her a second glance.  She sees him as a real person with big character flaws but is willing to work with him for the chance at happiness.  The secondary characters are extremely important because they help move the overall story arc which is the battle between BAD and the Fratelli.  The evil characters are really bad and I hope they get what they deserve.  I also am rooting for a happy ending for several of the secondary characters especially Linette because the more I read about her the more I hope for her.  SILENT TRUTH is an apt title for the latest BAD novel and I look forward to what happens next in the upcoming battle between good and evil.

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