Silk Scarves And Seduction

Author: Shiloh Walker

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: September 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Dr. Marc Ford is one besotted man. Since he was fourteen years old, he has been wildly in love with Valery. He admires her photography skills, adores her intelligence and lusts after her body. The crush he had on her was the reason he told her about the betrayal of her first boyfriend. Only she turned her wrath towards him and has been his nemesis since then. She taunts him at every opportunity and makes fun of him, yet he cannot help his feelings towards her. When Marc receives black and white photographs of a naked woman and a silk scarf on his birthday, he is stunned. He knows she has sent them as the scarf has her scent on it, but cannot figure out why. Is this a new way of taunting him? Or is this a way for him to show her how much he loves her?

Valery Taylor was nicknamed Blush by Marc when they were young because she blushes so much. She loves poking fun at him. Though people believe that her jibes are due to the fact the Marc exposed her boyfriend's betrayal, the reality is that she is really scared to death of admitting her feelings to herself or anyone. Marc is the man that she wants and cares about, but she is scared that he may one day break her heart. To torment him, she decides to send him photographs of her naked body. She thinks he will never figure out that it is actually her body. However, it is her turn to be surprised when she finds out that he knows that they are hers. Valery just cannot hide her want from Marc and soon they are indulging in uninhibited passion. Can she overcome her fright to reveal her feelings for him?

SILK SCARVES AND SEDUCTION is pure seduction all the way. Shiloh Walker spins a tale of hidden passion that flares to unbelievable extents when it gets a vent. The beauty of it is the way Shiloh describes the fears and frustrations that the main characters go through. The chemistry between Marc and Valery is very forceful and the pain that they both face before achieving the happily-ever-after constricts your heart. The fact that they are both shy of revealing their feelings, brings them closer to you. The lush passion can make you sweat and long for cool air. You just cannot let go of the book until it is done. The wit and humor are a bonus, as are the strong supporting characters of Tessa and Caleb. This is a must read for every person in love. It is so heartening to see your fears put on paper and the wonderfully emotional ending. What are you waiting for? Pick SILK SCARVES AND SEDUCTION up and learn a new way of seduction!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dee Herga

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