Silken Seduction
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 9, 2013 - 2:13:58 PM

Temair O’Hara takes great pride in her jewelry creations but competing amongst the other jewelry companies is tedious and difficult.  She makes the rounds on the trade show circuit but feels a little overshadowed by all the young, thin attractive women she’s competing against.  It’s all so frustrating.  On the upside, Temair finally feels like she can live again after leaving a ten year relationship.  For the first time she feels a spark of sexual interest, but there’s no possible way Evan would be interested in an older woman like her – or is there?


Evan Lyndsay is one of the more popular jewelry buyers and getting a contract with him would give a huge boost to Temair’s small SoHo shop’s bottom line.  However, rather than focusing on potentially landing him as a contact, Temair’s interested in him for an entirely different reason.  She wants to know if he’s capable of delivering on what the naughty look in his eyes promises. 


While Temair’s concerned that her age, crow’s feet, and few odd wrinkles – along with the other blemishes gifted by Mother Nature will be a turn off to Eva, she’s in for a surprise.  Evan thinks everything about Temair is beautiful but he has an obsession with legs and feet – and hers are amazing.  Yes, he believes she’s a talented artisan, but he’d never use his business acumen to aid in his romantic endeavors. 


Tara Nina’s SILKEN SEDUCTION is a wonderfully written story that captures the imagination and allows readers to view foot fetishes as well…hot!   Temair’s talented but her insecurity shows in how she doesn’t seem to pursue the houses where she’d like to have her jewelry creations sold.  Evan oozes confidence and he has no qualms about going after what he wants – even if he’s not entirely sure how Temair will respond to his foot fetish.  That he can help her business is basically a moot point as Temair and Evan embark on a romance that will tingle your toes – and other body parts, because what he gives her is a belief in herself that is worth far more than any contract.  Tara Nina does an amazing job describing Evan’s fetish in such a way that it’s sexy and even feels normal – and makes me a little jealous.


SILKEN SEDUCTION, along with DEVILISH DELIGHTS, is now available in the print title SILKEN DELIGHTS.


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