Silver Bastard

Author: Joanna Wylde

Publisher: Beckley

Release Date: April 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Puck Redhouse is finally released from Prison after a long fourteen months. His reward? Full membership to the SIILVER BASTARD MC, (The reason he spent all those months in a cell) and a celebratory party. He had been expecting all of this upon his release, but what he didn't expect? Becca Jones.

Becca Jones is a High School student who lives with her Mother, and Mother's boyfriend, a member of a rival MC by association. Puck can't leave her in that house to endure more torture and abuse, so he does the only logical thing he can think of, he takes her away from there.

Five years later and Becca is doing great. College, a job, an apartment, and no contact with Puck, although she knows she's safe because she's on his turf. One phone call later and her new world comes crashing down. Becca has to return to her old life and confront the demons that await her. Becca isn't crazy. She knows she can't go alone, so once again, so she puts her trust back in Puck's hands.

Puck agrees to accompany Becca back home, but he's finally ready to settle down and claim Becca as his old lady. Convinving Becca of this will be no easy fate, but he's got the whole trip to do it!

If you like drop dead sexy bikers, steamy hot romance, big bikes, and everything else MC then Wylde is the Author for you! I only have one word to describe SILVER BASTARD, WOW!!! Not often am I rendered speechless, but Ms. Wylde, you have done it!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Carol

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