Silver Linings - Rose Harbor series, book 4
By Diana S
Sep 8, 2015 - 6:42:25 PM

Jo Marie and her handy-man, Mark, have grown closer in the last two years. Just when Jo Marie may be opening up to the idea of love and moving on with her life, Mark decides he has to leave and puts his house up for sale. He offers no explanations to Jo Marie which leaves her wondering when her life will get easier. Of course, with new visitors to the inn she tries to put all her troubles on hold for now.

Coco Genshaw and her best friend, Katie Gilroy, have returned to Cedar Cove for their ten year high school reunion. Coco has an old wrong that was done to her that she wants to make right and Katie is wanting to explain to her high school boyfriend why she had to quit corresponding to him. Coco has been preparing for a decade to confront the high school quarterback, who she thought loved her, so she had given herself to him. He had been playing her along until he could win a bet and then dropped her flat. Coco has never been able to trust men since then. She intends to confront him in front of the classmates and show him up for what he is.

Katie was in love with a boy who loved her back and they planned to get married after high school and go to college together. His mother talked Katie into believing she would be bad for him because of her background, so she cut off all communication with him. Katie has never stopped loving him and wants to explain her actions ten years before. Things are not working out for the girls and they realize it is not always easy to face down old hurts and try to get closure.

Jo Marie is always ready for new guests but right now her life isn't going the way she expected. Mark left town and wouldn't explain why and just told her it was in her best interest for him to go. She knows he loves her and she is just now coming to grips with it so she wants answers. When one of Mark's friends comes to tell Jo Marie what Mark couldn't tell her himself, she is beside herself with worry and anguish.

Knowing Coco and Katie are not finding the closure that they are looking for, Jo Marie puts her troubles aside to listen to what they are going through. Seems like no one is having a good time and she wants to help them if she can.

This novel is very heartwarming and soul-searching like so many of Debbie Macomber's books can be. Trying to let go of the past and embrace the new changes coming your way is not always easy to understand. Looking for the silver lining in your everyday lives is a search sometimes not fulfilled. I have always loved and learned from Debbie's stories and this one is no exception. SILVER LININGS earns 5 Blue Ribbons at Romance Junkies because Debbie Macomber's storytelling shows us the silver lining, hope and dreams that can be in our lives.

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